I have a beat up star boss now that I throw almost everywhere and for almost every “long” shot a firechicken or roc doesnt get thrown. I can get a beat DX Teebird just about as far as anything and on a straighter line. I worked with my Leopard for a while working on nose angle then started S-ing it and pulled the Teebird out and was pleasantly suprised. Let’s look at the Innova Disc Chart! It was quite possibly the longest drive I’ve ever had I throw an XD for an approach disc: More torque, more D.

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No wonder Ken Climo is the 12x world champ– he’s been using cheating this whole time!

[Innova] What’s up with the Teebird? [Archive] – Disc Golf Course Review

Hell, I can put my flick way out there. They call this thing a fairway driver and it’s got a pretty knnova rim for a driver by today’s standards, but man does this thing go. I fell the same way with my leopard and gazelle. I knew if Climo and Schultz were doing it, there was a darn good reason.

I’ll sacrifice a few feet to put my disc where I want it. Its hard to argue with accurate consistency. Also, used where there was a defined landing area and all else was OB. Never threw a DX Teebird. I worked with my Leopard for a while working on nose angle then started S-ing it and pulled the Teebird out and was pleasantly suprised.


That thing out-flew every single one of my max-d drivers and ended up landing about 60′ from the hole, straight in-line with it. I rescind my previous statement due to what garublador said. Man, that sounds a lot like me before I backed off and worked on distancd.

I remember when the Teebird was one of the top Innova distance drivers according to Innova themselves. How is this disc even legal? I am pushing golf distance, and put a teebird alot more accurately aboutand with a well thrown leopard can pushand I ask myself all the time why I keep throwing my destroyers. I’m trying to learn to love the teebird It’s more the way the tdebird beats up.

My go-to driver for tight straight drives. I was emptying my bag on a ‘ hole slight uphill using all my max-d drivers when I was like, eh, I’ll give the Teebird a toss, cause I mean, it is the Teebird after all.

It’s easier for big arms to control range on Champ and Star Teebirds because they do fade out. Distancw can, however throw my destroyers and bosses that far on a good toss.

Innova GStar Teebird

I throw an XD for an approach disc: Speed 5 I have a terrible Leopard that I loved before it feebird a giant gash taken out of it, I can still chuck the thing, but it’s not as good of a disc and not PDGA legal. I love my Teebird I can put a good deal of snap on them without much of a runup and get a great low, flat shot.


I recently pulled the high speed sh! I do want to try a monarch because they’re so weird though. I still dont get that spike distance again yet, but my throws are more consistant and are regaining distant and the discs all do different things like they are supposed to instead of just arming them out there hard and watching them just hit a wall and fade down.

And do any of you find the choice of plastic to affect the way the disc flys? More torque, more Innvoa. Unsung qualities of discs IMO.

Well it means that a guy that throws in world ranking distance competitions didn’t feel like he needed to throw something with a higher speed rating. I have a DX Teebird and I love it.

For DX, the fade gets beat out of the disc easier, so people notice it a little more. But my noodle arm is getting better. Sounds like nose angle.