Which bike is good Last Jump to page: You are NOT What u ride.. Where can i buy and install in bangalore? Please update us with your reviews. Originally Posted by worrisomebear. Yeah downloaded and saved it in my PC!

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Originally Posted by Jerrin. It doesn’t make so much resistance for tyre rotation but the tyre is not Freely rotating.

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And kariz,a much is the Rolon lube and the Dot 4 oil? And the front wheels are not rotating freely the discpads are slightly touching the discs with a small ‘sss’ sound.

Any deviation from normal will actually lead to the wheel going to the left or right and wheel will not seat on the road at RIGHT angle 90 degrees I do not wish to remove the chain guard. Now that u have posted some beautiful tyres, lets see your review about them and if they are good as good as they look, i am gonna get them on my bike.


Yesterday my horm wasnt working, checked the wires. Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting.

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Similar Threads [Ownership Thread]: I am not going lean at turns like those competition riders. Can anyone help me source it in Delhi?

Also i am looking to fit slightly broader tyres on rear wheel. Originally Posted by ravi 17bhp. I can only find chinese type everywhere. Is it ok or should i correct it?

Since I was already going in for the Zoom R, I decided to take a chance on the same pattern type for the front as well. You mean the part No. Which bike is good The time now is A small bend may lead to the problem,but my doubt is exler the stem is affected ,then the forks will also be affected as the forks are fixed on this stem,right?

Beauty aside, I felt the compound was a bit better than the Gripp It’s probably the same medium compound, just a ‘feeling’ from my end. Results 4, to 4, of Originally Posted by ghostride. My rearwheels make a small tuk tuk sound while rotating freely in side stand.


But I did learn the importance of that small fuse box under the seat which controls all the electricals of the bike with just 3 fuses I do have fourth one in relay for the HID light.

Please update us with your reviews. Last Jump to page: Karizma Parts Manual – https: Just let me know how the Ceat front kqrizma is doing? Alternatively, can anyone post a good pic of it so that I can try to fabricate it maybe? Fitted at the shop And, the Zoom F 2.

I’ll take an extended ride and give my inputs on the performance soon. Yes I do remember, and it is kind of you to mention it Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting.