The emu-tools [1] fixed that by offering an option to invert the rear speaker signals as well. However, I have noticed this makes the audio skip for me. It only uses the analog outputs. MP3 and WAV files work with real player and amarok using the helix engine. I haven’t seen any other mixer program with gamix’s features. And in gamix, these controls appear greyed, soy that they don’t work

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Not all features are supported yet, but I would welcome some people testing the features it currently has. Does such a wakeup command exists?

Emu10k1 Linux driver

What can I emi10k1 Status of current ALSA hg repository support: The easiest way is to type:. Everything works like it should, except the “Side speakers”. If you need to reset your password, click here.

snd-emu10k1 – Debian Wiki

How do I get the driver to truly use emu101. Then set the volume for the source you want, and hit spacebar for capture on that too. Platinum with the front panel. If I close lircd then midi keyboard plays again. In grub’s edit menu search for the word “splash” and then add after this word the following option. I’m trying to find a way to use the digital output of my Audigy 2 for analog stereo.


If you want record only one source from this you have to mute others. The driver supports 5. My version of SBLive: All times are GMT The emu-tools [1] fixed that eum10k1 offering an option to invert the rear speaker signals as well.

Wavetable MIDI single-item check list: In alsamixer you can use F3, F4, F5 keys to switch between playback, capture and all control view. No LEDs are lightning and Ubuntu reports that firmware cannot be loaded. For more information see this link.

Pinux on, if you know what any of the SBlive mixer controls do then make a quick note at this link, many people will be grateful for your input because no one else seems to have much of a consistant idea what some of these controls actually do. I get the impression that this happens after playing with the Xine and MPlayer sound settings, but this really is just em1u0k1 supposition. This explains how to build from source tarballs.

Yes, until I find what program causes this, I’ll have to correct it manually everytime. Seems like the included midi cable is not standard. Now it just worked!


With my Cambridge 4-point, plus 1 subwoofer, Sound Blaster Live Player Wave Surround had to be turned up to enable both the rear speakers and the subwoofer. The minority of them supports digital audio capturing; so the sound card has to do that and you’ll have to have an additional cable. I found emu110k1 solution by installing the 2.

To add a permanent solution edit your grub menu config file. Is there any way bringing digital output to tvtime because I want to get rid of the extra wiring from the speakers-output to the 6CH-input of the receiver?

If you know how to make that go away, please share [uneducated liinux by a mildly educated reader: Here is my options line in modules. Retrieved from ” https: