The misfeed indications will disappear. Refer to the Advanced Operation Guide for the registration method to an address book and one-touch keys. Cable Cable Connect the other end of the printer cable to the appropriate connector on your computer. Troubleshooting Message Procedure Reference Send error. Message Procedure Reference Add paper to paper source. The manufacturer reserves the right to carry out modifications to the product described in this manual at any time and without any notice. Enter the number of copies required.

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Each configuration instruction in this guide tells you to access the menu item and provides a route map to direct you to that item. You can adjust the length of time between 1 minute and minutes the machine waits before entering low power mode.

The factory default time is 5 minutes. Maintenance Reinstalling the Transport Pin Follow the instructions below to reinstall the transport pin before moving the machine Access Transport mode. Canceling is displayed and the d-colia is canceled. Always use a soft cloth dampened with alcohol or mild detergent to clean the machine.

Mode Description Standard Zoom Copies can be made at one of the fixed zoom ratios. Also displays the title of the current menu whenever the operation panel is being used. Legal and Safety Legal Restriction On Copying It may be prohibited to copy copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner. Troubleshooting Open the front cover. In no event will Agfa Japan be liable for lost profits, lost data, or any other incidental or consequential damages, or any damages caused by abuse or misapplication of the Software and Typefaces.


Olivetti D Copia 18MF

Refer to Character Entry on page for information on entering characters. Preparations Accessing Menu Items When you configure the machine, you do so by accessing a menu item and making d-copja setting from there. Adjust the paper width guides to fit the width of the paper.

Press right Select to switch between types of characters.

Olivetti d-Copia 18MF

The following languages are available for selection: Preparations Available Characters The following characters types are available. Copier Olivetti d-Copia Operation Manual pages. Don’t have an account? Page 58 Basic Operation Enter the login user name and press Enter. Press to select Collate.

Page 63 Maintenance Shake the new toner container horizontally 5 or 6 times to distributed the toner inside. Add paper to the paper source; page Casset.


Push the cassette back in securely. Leave the power switch on and to remove the jammed paper refer to MP Tray and Inside Machine on page For details, refer to the Advanced Operation Guide.


Loading Paper Adjusting the Paper Stopper for Folio or Oficio II Size Page Slide the paper stopper towards the rear of the cassette until the grooves that are cut into the paper stopper are aligned with the rear edge of the cassette. For example, a pdf attachment named doc This type of situation r-copia a danger of personal injury or damage to the machine.

Enter d-cppia number of copies required. Message Display Machine Parts Message Display The following examples explain the messages and icons used on the message display.

Connecting the Power Cord Connect the power cord to the rear of the machine.

Keep it close to the machine for easy reference. Basic Operation The copy exposure can be adjusted either automatically or manually. Troubleshooting 6 Troubleshooting General Guidelines The table below provides basic solutions for problems you may encounter with the machine.